Debt Collection


Use all the conventional collection procedures – “No collection, No fee” service – Personal professional interaction with the debtors – Judgment collection.

Our team of professionals is highly trained and possesses legal and economic background and uses all the conventional collection procedures and their negotiation skills to obtain payment proposals and are usually able to find debt collection solutions to disputes.

Our mission and target for our clients is to do the utmost to collect as quickly as possible. Litigation is proposed to our clients as a last option. Our guiding principle is a “no collection, no fee” service for debt collection cases up to the stage where legal proceedings commence. Moreover, we advise our clients before any legal proceedings commence if it is realistic to expect that any Court judgment issued will be executed and the debt shall be recovered.

If we decide with the client to start legal proceedings against the debtor we immediately file our claim at the relevant Court. In the appropriate cases we file for an interim order against the debtor’s immovable property or freeze the debtor’ s accounts (if any)  in order to secure our claim.

Being successful in a lawsuit, we proceed with the judgment collection process making sure that the proper steps are being taken within the appropriate time frames.

Our debt collection process is unique resulting in an impressive success rate. We guarantee confidentiality in the treatment of our client’s personal data as well as personal professional interaction with the debtors during our collection efforts.

We e-mail, fax and mail a demand letter to the debtor typically within one business day of receiving the claim. However, the primary communication method in our debt collection process is the telephone and e-mail as appropriate.